RICS Software
Simple. Powerful. Proven.

RICS Software, the developer of RICS Enterprise, is dedicated to offering retailers a quality computer system at an affordable price. RICS Software has been developing software for over 25 years! The RICS Software system has been installed in retail operations for over 20 years. No company in the country has offered computer software to footwear, apparel, and athletic retailers longer than RICS Software.

RICS Software has worked closely with the NSRA (National Shoe Retailers Association) since 1985 to provide computer awareness and education to footwear retailers. Our experience in the industry with retailers, chains, manufacturers, and associations has proven to be a great asset, allowing RICS Software to be continually enhanced each year.

Our commitment to the retail industry includes:
  • Providing a quality, comprehensive inventory software system
  • Keeping the software simple and easy to use and understand
  • Offering the software at a price affordable to most retailers
  • Backing up the software with the best support in the industry

RICS Software will not make misleading claims regarding the functions offered by RICS and will not create unrealistic expectations about the software. The RICS Software system will actually perform all of the features that are advertised. RICS Software customers are treated professionally, with both respect and honesty.

How long has it been since you were involved in a business relationship with a company that you really trust? RICS Software would like to build that relationship with you. Please contact RICS Software for more information.